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by Thesmania on July 17, 2014

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Search engines like Google love quality blogs and index them quickly, so blogging is an ideal way to build an online presence rapidly.

Which blogging platform is the best? That depends on your goals.

Short-term vs Long-term


For short-term goals a free blogging platform like,, or might be adequate because you can test ideas and learn the basics of blogging at no cost. You won’t have most of the customization options that a self-hosted blog offers, but if you’re new to blogging that may not matter to you.

A major disadvantage is that your free blog won’t belong to you, it will be the property of the blogging platform, and you’ll have to follow the platform’s rules to run your blog. has many limitations and rules to follow, for example, and breaking them can result in a free blog being shut down without notice.


If you’re thinking long-term because you want to establish a blog that will be online for a long time (many months to years) and/or you want to sell things on your blog, you should build your blog with You’ll need to buy a domain name and hosting for the blog that you’re creating, and after that is set up you’ll have to install a WordPress blog on the site before you can start posting. Many hosting companies make the WordPress blog installation process simple so you can DIY, or you can ask them for help.

By having a self-hosted blog, you’ll have full ownership of your blog’s content and you’ll have complete control so you can set your own rules. You’ll also have the option of selling your blog in the future, if desired, something that you can’t do with a free blog that belongs to the blogging platform.

Get a self-hosted blog

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