Best Ways to Promote Blog Posts Online

by Thesmania on August 4, 2014

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Video marketing

Regularly posting quality articles on your blog that are optimized for readers, and search engines like Google, can help your site rank high in search engines, attracting more visitors.

3 Very Effective Ways to Promote Blog Posts


1. Social Media

By occasionally posting links to your blog posts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, and images from your blog posts on Pinterest, your followers on the social media sites, and potential new followers, will be informed about what you’re offering on your site. They may, in turn, share links to your posts with other members increasing your post’s reach online.

2. Video Marketing

Adding videos to your site, and also uploading them to online video directory sites, can generate lots of traffic to your site. Google indexes videos much like it indexes text so you can also improve your site’s search engine rank with video marketing.

Videos for Video Marketing

A. Talking head – Simply film yourself talking about something that will (hopefully) interest viewers.

B. Webinars – Record a webinar (online seminar) with software, edit the recording and convert it into a post-able video.

C. Screen capture – Record what’s happening on your computer screen, as you explain what’s going on, with screen capture software. You can record the screen and edit or add audio later, if desired.

D. Multimedia – Use software to create video presentations (a combination of audio text and images, or audio and slide presentations, etc.).

3. Podcasting

Podcasts are audio, video, PDF, and ePub files that people can subscribe to and download via RSS feeds.

Podcast files can be downloaded by users to a computer and/or transferred to mobile devices. They can be embedded into a website with podcast players, and/or you can use podcasting platforms like iTunes.

Creating podcasts to share information, etc. with listeners/viewers that is (hopefully) of interest to them is a great way to build your reputation online. Podcasts can also give you valuable backlinks because links to your site will be posted with the podcast.


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