Online Sales Training: How to Increase Web Site Traffic

by Thesmania on August 12, 2014

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For best results online with your website, it’s important to learn the best strategies for increasing web site traffic, otherwise known as “traffic generation”.

Traffic generation is important for online sales. Traffic generation strategies will help you attract many quality visitors to your site who will be so interested in what you have to offer that they’ll want to become customers.

more quality website visitors = more potential customers = more potential profit

But attracting search engine ‘bots’ is important too.

Bots are components of search engine software that scan the internet looking for websites to index (in other words, they’re looking for sites to record and catalogue in the search engine’s databases). When people search for things online with a search engine the search engine rifles through the sites that it’s indexed to figure out which sites might meet the searcher’s needs best. Structuring your site in a way that regularly attracts search engine bots, known as SEO (search engine optimization) is therefore essential if you want your site to appear high in search engine results (ideally on page 1 or 2) so human visitors can find it easily.

So how do you increase web traffic?

Clear step-by-step instructions can be hard to find, even from the best teachers, so that’s why we created Traffic Ten.

In Traffic Ten we cover the 10 best strategies for increasing web traffic, written in clear language so even a non-techie person can follow along easily. We wish that we had such a simple guide when we first started online. It would have saved us a LOT of time and money.


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