Starting Your Own Blog: Essential Tips for How to Do it

by Thesmania on January 25, 2015

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Starting your own blog

1. Keyword Research

If you want to attract lots of visitors to your blog do keyword research before you choose what to blog about.
Keyword research tells you what people are searching for online and if there’s an interest in what you want to cover.

2. Choose or

WordPress blogs are simple to build and structured in a way that search engines prefer. blogs are free to install, but you first need to buy a domain name (e.g. and hosting for your blog. They’re best when you want:

  • to potentially blog long term and/or make money with your blog
  • complete control of your blog’s content
  • many customization options
  • to own your content. blogs are completely free. They’re best if you:

  • are only blogging short term/experimentally
  • don’t mind following strict rules about content
  • don’t need much customization
  • don’t care that will own your content.

Note: if you opt for, skip to step 5.

3. Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

If you’re using you need a domain name and hosting before you can install your blog.

4. Install WordPress on Your Domain

Most of the major hosting companies make the process easy – just a few clicks. Ask technical support for help if needed.

5. Install a Theme and Plugins

With blogs you’ll have countless free, and professional, themes and plugins to choose from. DIY, or hire someone to design a custom blog for you.
With blogs, themes and plugins are very limited.

6. Add Content

Add content to your blog, including an About page to let readers know something about you/the purpose of your blog.
It’s best to do keyword research for the majority of your blog posts, and to publish a new blog post 1-3 times a week to keep readers interested and search engines crawling your blog.

7. Promote Your Blog

It’s important to promote your blog in various ways. Start with the simple step-by-step strategies in Traffic Ten.

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