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What is Duplicate Content?

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Duplicate content should be avoided, but there is a lot of confusion about what it is. Put simply, duplicate content is when the same, or highly similar, content on a website is found in more than one place (url) online. Search engines like Google struggle with (and sometimes penalize) duplicate content because their filters often […]

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Multimedia Content Publishing Advantages

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Multimedia content online includes text, images, audio, video, and slideshows. There are two good reasons for publishing multi-media content on your site: 1. People have different preferences for how information is presented online. Publishing content in several different forms on your site to appeal to different visitors can greatly increase your site’s readership. 2. Google […]

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Create a Blog in a Subdomain, Subfolder or on a Different Domain?

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Google, and other search engines, place a high value on blogs so it’s wise to add a blog to your main website. Regularly publishing quality articles on your blog to complement what you’re offering on your website (e.g. products, services, opinions, causes) will attract more quality visitors to your website overall. The best blog building […]

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Content Creation: The Value of Frequent Posting

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Regularly posting new content on your site, one to three times a week, is key if you want to be successful online. Why? There are two good reasons: 1. SEO (search engine optimization) Search engines like Google scan the content of blog posts to figure out how to catalogue them in their databases. Keywords in […]

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