Chris Pearson

Where to find responsive Thesis 2.0 Skins

Since Thesis 2.0 appeared on the market of SEO frameworks, there have been developed quite a few new, interesting and responsive skins. Below, you will find 3 websites offering the most of professional, responsive Thesis 2.0 skins: DIY Themes – created by Chris Pearson, who developed Thesis framework. DIY themes offer skins as well. Depending […]

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Thesis 2.0 is coming out on the first October

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The long-time awaited 2.0 version of SEO framework Thesis will be live on Monday October 1. Chris Pearson announced recently that the new Thesis version is revolutionary and will satisfy both beginner and advanced website developers.     How is the new Thesis different from previous versions? These are only some of the many new […]

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