Below you will find out why our customers value our services so much, what makes us different from other similar companies, and why you will be highly satisfied with what we can offer to your company.

We approached Thesmania when we were working on our new website for our restaurant Elephant Walk in London.

We asked the company to help us with optimizing our website for search engines as well as for the visitors to increase their positive experience about Sri Lankan food and the restaurant. This was a challenging task because at that time we had changed the design and content of our website completely and the old site went offline for nearly three months.

Thesmania’s team made some key recommendations and I was particularly impressed with the relevant long-tail keywords she found to use properly on our website. When the new website went live, we were on the second page on Google search. Within two months we came within the first three in the search engine rankings and without a doubt it is bringing in more customers.

Thanks to Thesmania for its great contribution to our business.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Thesmania to anyone.

Kannan, elephantwalk.co.uk

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Thesmania.

They designed and developed our blog Wine4girls.pl. During that time, project manager assigned to my task proven herself to be a highly skilled and exceptionally talented graphic designer. She was always on time, honest and helpful. She was great to work with and I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you!

Katarzyna Dzideczek, wine4girls.pl

Thesmania developed for me a WordPress blog. From the very beginning, my expectations were understood and I was surprised very positively with their professional approach, reliability, and honesty. Thesmania’s services are of the highest level.

Work she did for me included:

– Blog’s integration with payment services

– Blog’s integration with social media profiles

– Google Webmaster Tools configuration, my blog and its sitemap submission

– Configuring autoresponder

– Research and analysis of 40 keywords.

– Creation of Google +1 and Youtube profiles and their integration with my blog

– Development and adding of a squeeze page to my blog

– Search-engine optimization

– WordPress management online consultation

The work was done on time. During the whole project, the project manager assigned to my task was always available and replied promptly to my emails.

Thesmania’s team is trustworthy and I would recommend their services to anyone.

Jolanta Drobek, inwestycjewgrunty.com

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Thesmania while developing the Akademiamechatroniki.pl website. I, David Ogily, can sincerely say:

“Firstly, look for a creative person’s opinion.
Secondly, surround yourself with those who are better than you are.
Thirdly, don’t disturb them.”

If you want to improve your website’s usability and traffic, I highly recommend Thesmania’s services.

Waldemar Ałdaś, akademiamechatroniki.pl

If you are not on the Internet, it means you don’t exist; an obvious truth, and for some a painful one.

I had a simple website created but I couldn’t edit it or change anything. If I did change even the smallest thing, everything fell apart. Maybe it is a lack of skills or maybe the simple html editor is simple for professionals?

After successful forum development, Thesmania built my professional website www.olubek.pl. The website is very well designed and fulfills my usability expectations one hundred percent. Her knowledge, skills and extraordinary reliability make me continue to use Thesmania’s services.

I highly recommend Thesmania’s services.

Paweł Olubek, olubek.pl

I cooperated with Thesmania while developing my website martaeichstaedt.com. I wanted to learn how to build a website and at the same time learn wordpress.org basics. Therefore, Thesmania’s stuff was my teacher and I was the pupil :).

We worked using Skype. They fully presented their enormous WordPress.org knowledge and experience of the Bristish market. I value it greatly, it helped me look at WordPress.org from a different angle (not just as a blogging tool), and I fell in love with WordPress.org.

I highly recommend Thesmania, especially to those who want to squeeze from that platform everything they need in order to succeed online.

Marta Eichstaedt, webcomm.eu