WordPress Themes

We work with and recommend Thesis and Genesis SEO frameworks.

Thesis and Genesis are excellent SEO Frameworks to build professional websites and blogs. They’re also versatile WordPress themes for blogs and websites:

  • First Option: use as a sole theme that is configured and styled with the available options. The options are a quick and easy way to adjust the look of a website to meet your needs. Additional changes can be made with the code of the theme.
  • Second Option: add a beautifully designed skin to your Thesis and Genesis installation, then tweak the theme to adjust it to your needs.

Below are Thesis and Genesis skins to choose from. All of the skins work with Thesis and some of them work with Genesis too. You need to install Thesis or Genesis before installing a skin.

All of the skins can be installed and configured by you, or you can hire us to build your blog or website using these skins.

Thesis 2.0 and Genesis Skins:

Grind Skórka Thesis

Grind $35Info | Demo

Quik Skórka Thesis

Quik $35Info | Demo

Thesis Skin Readyfolio 2

Readyfolio 2 $35Info | Demo

Thesis Skin Splash

Splash $35Info | Demo

Blink Thesis Skin

Blink $35Info | Demo

Stage Thesis Skin

Stage $35Info | Demo

Derby Skórka Thesis

Derby $35Info | Demo

Clip Cart Skórka Thesis

Clip Cart $35Info | Demo

Line it up Thesis Skin

Line It Up $35Info | Demo

Marketers Delight Skórka Thesis

Marketers Delight $35Info | Demo

Thesis Junction

Junction $35Info | Demo

Thesis Cinch

Cinch $35Info | Demo

Thesis Pride

Pride $35Info | Demo

Thesis Expressive

Expressive $35Info | Demo

Thesis Vocation

Vocation $35Info | Demo

Fremedy Thesis Skin

Fremedy NieodpłatnaInfo | Demo | Download

Tote Thesis Skin

Tote NieodpłatnaInfo | Demo









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