Consequences of your website not being responsive and mobile-friendly

by Thesmania on April 29, 2015

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Thesis skin Lineitup2

On the twenty first of April 2015 Google rolled out a new major update. The update addressed responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of websites. As a result not having a responsive website will affect its rankings in mobile searches.

The update has been described bigger than Panda update in 2011, which affected 12% of all websites.

Is Thesis responsive

Yes, but not all Thesis skins are mobile-friendly. If you happen to be using one of the skins developed for Thesis either the old one – 1.0 or the new one – 2.0, you better check if your website complies with Google guidelines regarding responsiveness.

Responsiveness check-up

You can perform a test using a free tool provided by Google. The result will tell you if your website passes the test or not. If not, there will be an information telling what needs to be improved.

Another way to check if your website is responsive, is to login to your Google Webmaster Tools. If there are any problems you will see a message from Google describing what’s wrong and how to solve the issues.

Mobile-friendly Thesis skins

As mentioned above not all Thesis skins are mobile-friendly. One of the skins which isn’t is: Line It Up. The skin has been developed for Thesis 2.0 and even though it displays well in mobile devices it doesn’t comply with Google guidelines on mobile-friendliness.

Another bad news is that you can’t just update the skin, you have to install and configure a new skin instead. Themedy team, who developed the skin prepared a new version of the skin: Line It Up 2.

The new skin has a bit different design. It has also a new feature added: it is compatible with WooCommerce shopping cart. It is a huge advantage!

If you happen to be still using the old Line It Up, don’t waste more time. Change the skin as soon as possible to rank well in mobile searches as well.



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